I am going to concentrate my efforts more

I have been looling at this for a long time to combine both my music and my poetry, and all my thoughts. So in an effort to not confuse the people I am comnunicating these ideas to, [which is essentially the reason I create art in the first place],


Because frankly,

Its super easy and I feel like it.

Go follow me or whatever at

Posts will be more frequent, and I am hoping it will help to open a discussion amongst people, putting a spotlight on the things that humanity can do to make this world a better place


The Power of a good Online Presence

I just released 2 demos on my Bandcamp 


 Mostly so that everyone knows that I’m still alive and doing things.
I am the last person who you should be taking advice on the topic of navigating the vast Inter-net-O’sphere. ESPECIALLY AS IT RELATES TO THE AVENUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA,

But I figure I would share with everyone the benefits of bringing your art into it.

So back to the story:

I grabbed my phone, and my guitar and I recorded down some songs that I have been working on using the SoundCamp<Google Play Store> app and the lofi Mic on my phone and headphones.

I woke up the next morning to find that I was 100 dollars richer and I had one new fan!

The One hundred dollars was from my Grandfather;probably his way of telling me I need to invest in some real recording equipment.

But this new Fan was just some random guy though. Naturally I wanted to be this guys friend for listening to my shitty recording and still have the decency to follow me. He showed me this pretty sweet band Valley Hush out of Michigan.

It may seem kind if trivial. Very “So What,dude?” 

But honestly this is a great way to connect with fans and other artists. Becoming involved in a community, in an instant. As much as I hate how the Internet has made us all IRL Zombie shuffling around heads down you have to respect the fact that, I now know more about Detroit’s music scene, and I have a good way to gauge feedback on my art and how it is received.

Don’t be me from a month ago, who thought hoarding all his works was the way to maintain value in them.

Art is meant to be shared and we can now do it pretty effortlessly. Use the tools at your disposal.

Open Mic Review: Cafe Artichoke 

As I first step into Cafe Artichoke, grasping onto the last 5 dollars from the tips I made this week. I meet a nice lady who tells me, if I don’t have it all I can just pay what I have. So begins the unending kindness I receive from a community tightly bound together. Even as I crash a very special night of legacy and remembrance. 
I sit back as I hear stories of how such a diverse and talented group of people built a haven for musicians like myself.From dulcimer to autoharps, to poetry I am right away baffled by the level of talent in the building under one roof. And that’s just before intermission. Part Two becomes a bit more intimate as it is later in the night, but this intimacy only adds to the overall energy of the room. After playing my song, I go to see what the networking situation is like. Right away I grab the number of a piano player, a banjo player, and a seasoned songwrifer.


though this era for Artichoke on Hawthorne ends,  a new one is set to begin on Powell. It is so important that we keep communities like this alive, because there is so much value in what these people are doing.

38 musician’s later and still a full crowd cheering them on

5 mics out of 5

Pledge to my fellow music lovers

Music as defined by Claude Debussy (French composer circa 1890); is the space between two notes. Such a simple definition, yet sometimes saying things in so few words can have so much meaning. 

Music has always been a foundation of my life. The rock that I can stand on whenever I need solid ground. Music has been a time machine, where I can jump back to my favorite moments and relive them for a few minutes. Music has been my conduit, connecting me to people when I have been at my lowest points.

Whatever music is to you, that’s what matters. The purpose of this blog is to connect you further with the beauty of the space between notes. Whether you are looking for friends, opportunity, or even just a new song to get you through the day; it is this blog’s pledge to serve you whatever you need.

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