Open Mic Review: Cafe Artichoke 

As I first step into Cafe Artichoke, grasping onto the last 5 dollars from the tips I made this week. I meet a nice lady who tells me, if I don’t have it all I can just pay what I have. So begins the unending kindness I receive from a community tightly bound together. Even as I crash a very special night of legacy and remembrance. 
I sit back as I hear stories of how such a diverse and talented group of people built a haven for musicians like myself.From dulcimer to autoharps, to poetry I am right away baffled by the level of talent in the building under one roof. And that’s just before intermission. Part Two becomes a bit more intimate as it is later in the night, but this intimacy only adds to the overall energy of the room. After playing my song, I go to see what the networking situation is like. Right away I grab the number of a piano player, a banjo player, and a seasoned songwrifer.


though this era for Artichoke on Hawthorne ends,  a new one is set to begin on Powell. It is so important that we keep communities like this alive, because there is so much value in what these people are doing.

38 musician’s later and still a full crowd cheering them on

5 mics out of 5


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