The Power of a good Online Presence

I just released 2 demos on my Bandcamp

 Mostly so that everyone knows that I’m still alive and doing things.
I am the last person who you should be taking advice on the topic of navigating the vast Inter-net-O’sphere. ESPECIALLY AS IT RELATES TO THE AVENUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA,

But I figure I would share with everyone the benefits of bringing your art into it.

So back to the story:

I grabbed my phone, and my guitar and I recorded down some songs that I have been working on using the SoundCamp<Google Play Store> app and the lofi Mic on my phone and headphones.

I woke up the next morning to find that I was 100 dollars richer and I had one new fan!

The One hundred dollars was from my Grandfather;probably his way of telling me I need to invest in some real recording equipment.

But this new Fan was just some random guy though. Naturally I wanted to be this guys friend for listening to my shitty recording and still have the decency to follow me. He showed me this pretty sweet band Valley Hush out of Michigan.

It may seem kind if trivial. Very “So What,dude?” 

But honestly this is a great way to connect with fans and other artists. Becoming involved in a community, in an instant. As much as I hate how the Internet has made us all IRL Zombie shuffling around heads down you have to respect the fact that, I now know more about Detroit’s music scene, and I have a good way to gauge feedback on my art and how it is received.

Don’t be me from a month ago, who thought hoarding all his works was the way to maintain value in them.

Art is meant to be shared and we can now do it pretty effortlessly. Use the tools at your disposal.


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